Monday, October 7, 2013

Under open sky

… the right moment, position, & light 

©Dheeraj Pateriya 

Shutter speed : 1/500 Sec
Aperture : f/11
ISO : 300

Item Code : DP08
Status : Limited Edition - 10, Available  

Size : 40*50 
Euro : 800 

The open courtyard under the sky-
These small huts and rooms are just for the day, the rest pass under the sky on this beautiful courtyard.
A big family, three brothers with their wives and children live in this house with some animals. The Courtyard paints twice in a week so that it become a mat for the family, they can use courtyard as a mat.

The tree is growing as a roof of the courtyard, and also use as a pole to hang string of clothes, small beds to lay down and color full ventilator. And the washroom just in front with a small plastique box. 

The picture was taken from Niwari, Madhya Pradesh, India. I was Passing by motorbike and i captured in my Nikon D80.  

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