Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sunset Under the Hut

…the right moment, position & light 

Sunset under the Hut

©Dheeraj Pateriya 

Shutter speed : 1/800 Sec
Aperture : f/10
ISO : 400    

Item Code : DP18
Status : Limited Edition - 5, Available  

Size : 40*45 
Euro : 600

That beautiful picture was taken from Orchha, Madhya Pradesh INDIA. 
The farmers use to make this kind of Hut to dry some special plants, so the plants can be protected from Aunts and many small insects. Some farmers use to have little shadow for resting when the sun is burning. I
 took this picture from one of my friend's land, his father is farmer, and uses to make this kind of thing.

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