Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Independence Day

…the right moment, position & light 

©Dheeraj Pateriya 

Shutter speed : 1/250 Sec
Aperture : f/8
ISO : 800    

Item Code : DP17
Status : Limited Edition - 10, Available  

Size : 40*45 
Euro : 600

The Independence parade of a primary MAYA school. The day most of the children are happy in India. Actually the day of independence, they don't have to study at all, they have an opportunity to visit their town, with their friend, no any scolding, and have some sweet in the end of the parade. 

Of-course in some point they have to hang the flag etc. but i think it's a pleasure, i remember when i was child.

A poor child standing on the right - The child standing on the right doesn't go to school, may his parents can't afford, therefor he is standing still under in depend.   

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