Sunday, September 1, 2013

An occasion to show culture

…the right moment, position, and light 

©Dheeraj Pateriya 

Shutter speed : 1/400 Sec
Aperture : f/6.3
ISO : 640

Item Code : DP04
Status : Limited Edition - 5, Available  

Size : 40*41
Euro : 700

That was great occasion for all Indians people to show up their tradition, the picture is from on of them.
Normally people don't ware these kind of clothes and jewels in Paris, France, think that they look stupid but the festival give them right to ware all those traditional clothes and jewels. The girl was standing with her family in the place of festival. When i saw her first i thought… i am in India but slowly slowly i realized that it's a occasion of Ganesha festival.

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